Hermes Leather Forever Exhibit at PMQ, Hong Kong

Inspiration • Hermès Leather Forever Exhibition • PMQ Hong Kong

Hermès is having a free exhibition in Hong Kong named Leather Forever, displaying a variety of their artisanal work throughout their history. The month-long exhibition is showing at PMQ in Central until 28th September, this Sunday. I went to check it out a couple of days ago and brought my mom along for some mother-daughter time! 🙂

It was awe inspiring to see how much effort Hermès has put into this exhibition. They built a unique structure in the courtyard of PMQ, a creative hub in Central, and also used a part of PMQ’s building for the exhibition. The displays brought us through Hermès’ manufacture process and history in the slickly designed 2-story building.

Hermes Leather Forever Exhibit at PMQ, Hong Kong
Leather of Hermes
Cutting a handbag • Hermes Leather Forever
Embroidery threads at Hermes

The first room was very interactive. One could touch the various leather pieces displayed in the room, and see how some of their signature bags, including the Kelly Bag, were cut out through a projector. There was also a live demonstration of how their handbags were put together by hand.

Demonstration at Hermes Leather Forever
Demonstration at Hermes Leather Forever
Demonstration at Hermes Leather Forever
Demonstration at Hermes Leather Forever

Hermès of course is known for their orange gift boxes. We walked past a room stacked high with their signature boxes and entered rooms highlighting different features of their products. One could really appreciate the workmanship and artisanal spirit seeing their famous handbags, horseback riding gear, and even motorcycle gear! (Though I’m not sure what I’d do with those wings on the motorcycle… If only they could really fly…)

Pile of Hermes signature orange boxes
Hermes handbags at Leather Forever exhibit
Horse back riding gear of Hermes
Hermes winged motorcycle
Leather textures at Hermes Leather Forever Exhibit, Hong Kong
Mini Hermes bags

My favorite interior design aspect of the exhibition was the triangular orange room. There was a huge light panel on one side, illuminating the vintage travel wear at the other wall. It was such a striking use of the tall ceiling space and was so fun to photograph. I probably could spend an afternoon there just catching people walking by at different angles.

Hermes Leather Forever display
Hermes travel gear
Traveling in style with Hermes

Of course, before we left the exhibition, I had to get mom to pose for me in front of an orange wall. Here she is being her normal smiley self next to her cheeky self!

If you’re in Hong Kong and have an hour or so to spare, do visit the Leather Forever exhibition. It’s quite a unique experience and I bet you’ll leave feeling inspired.

Portrait at the Hermes orange wall

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