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Hong Kong sustainable shop • interiors photography by Tracy Wong
Family portrait of Pimary team | Editorial Portraits

Store shelf displays at Pimary • interiors photographer in Hong Kong

1970 Sign at Pimary | Spaces Magazine coverage
Sustainable lifestyle store details • PimaryTracy Wong, Interior Photographer • Magazine coverage of Pimary, Hong Kong

Kaffee and Pimary in Tai Po | Village life in Hong Kong
Spaces Magazine Cover by frankie press
Pimary | editorial interiors Hong Kong on Spaces Magazine
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A Day Trip Photoshoot

What a fun day – my assignment as an editorial interior photographer turned into a countryside outing!

SPACES is a book of inspirational, creative interiors published by frankie magazine. The magazine is based in Australia, and I was excited to be approached by their editor to photograph Pimary in Tai Po, Hong Kong. frankie magazine is distinctive in their crafty, eclectic style. So it was perfect for their SPACES book to feature the family-run lifestyle shop.

Inspiring Interior Style

Situated in a village house built over 100 years ago, Pimary was a charming sight to see once I found its location. Throughout the property, Dora, Ping, and their family team kept renovations to a minimal and maintained some hints of the house’s history. Once you arrived at the site, you could see the words “1970” clearly on the exterior walls for when the second floor was added.

Inside the 2-storey house, Pimary had simple interiors with a lot of character. DIY projects were everywhere, most notably the unique look of mixing concrete surfaces with natural materials. For example, at the picture window were homemade stools with concrete seats and wooden legs. Under the old staircase (also with a clean, minimal look) were salvaged wooden trunks repurposed into stools and side tables.

One of the features I especially loved was the picture window, surrounded by simple white walls. The window looked out to the herb garden, a beautiful greenery view that could calm any busy mind. The overall theme of the space seemed to be about slowing down and paying attention to the environment.

Photographing Village Life

There was a sense of coziness seeing the team buzz around the garden and shop. One would be serving tea, while another adjusted the shop displays or chatted with the owner of the next-door coffee shop. I really enjoyed capturing the feeling of community rarely seen in the urban parts of the city. Although I was there to shoot interior photography, I also went around the shop snapping candids and portraits of the team as I loved their dynamic!

Getting to Tai Po for the photoshoot was bit of a trek, but it was truly worth it. I felt refreshed having gone out to connect with the Pimary family. The slower rhythm in the village had a calming effect, and it really made time seem to slow down.

It has been a little while since the photoshoot, and it’s amazing to see how the brand has grown. Since then, they have also opened a location at The Mills and at Eslite in Taipei. Also, they now expanded to opening sustainable grocery shops called slowood. I wish this sweet family all the best!

Client: SPACES by frankie magazine
Location: Pimary, Tai Po, Hong Kong
Categories: Interiors / Travel

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