Food blog photographer in Hong Kong

Food Photography Featured on SkinnyTaste Blog

My dear client Heather K Jones is a nutritionist and contributes to the renowned SkinnyTaste healthy eating blog. I was so excited to be hired to photograph a smoothie for her guest blog post on SkinnyTaste!

Heather found her recipe on a trip to Bali, and the surprising addition of cinnamon to mix of banana, dates, Greek yogurt, honey, and ice was heavenly! After making my first smoothie to photograph, I had to make more on subsequent mornings as a wonderful breakfast.

Smoothie photo on SkinnyTaste

I’m available to do photography for food bloggers worldwide. Though Heather and I are now separated by the Pacific Ocean, we’re planning another food photography collaboration for a new recipe of hers… Stay tuned!

You can also see Heather’s fun portrait photoshoot here.

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