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Green view out of Clearwater Bay home - Liquid Interiors
Home design - Lifestyle photography Hong Kong
Dining Room interiors - Architecture and Interior Photographer HK
Interior photography and styling - Liquid Interiors - Giverny Clearwater Bay home
Interior photography with natural light - Hong Kong residence - by Tracy WongRust finish backsplash - Kitchen design
Liquid Interiors - bathroom interior design in Clearwater Bay
Mood lighting - Commercial photographer Hong Kong
Bedroom styling with rusty orange accessories
Interior design details - Leather door highlight
Interior lighting design - Commercial photographer in Hong Kong
Bathroom interior design - Liquid Interiors Hong Kong
Beautiful rooftop in Clearwater Bay home - Hong Kong
Passion fruit vines on the roof - Hong Kong home interiors

The theme of this residence designed by Liquid Interiors was “Sunset in the Woods”, and while photographing the home I focused on capturing the textures that bring the outdoors inside.

The 3-storey home in Clearwater Bay had a rustic yet modern look, using leather and metallic accents and warm tones throughout the home. Though the kitchen and dining room are separated by a door, they were tied in with each other with the use of the interesting rust finish wall and kitchen counter.

To light the space for the photoshoot, I used a mix of available, mostly natural light, and filled with a flash when necessary. There were many windows throughout the home allowing the photography to have a more relaxed, soft feeling. I especially love the lighting in the photograph taken by the kitchen sink, with just a dash of sunlight streaming through next to some dramatic shadows. I also love the juxtaposition of textures in that scene.

Speaking of lighting, the interior design team at Liquid Interiors included circadian lighting in the bathroom and bedroom. While shooting the space I also captured the different lighting scenes to allow the designers to showcase this thoughtful wellness feature.

Client: Liquid Interiors
Location: The Giverny, Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong

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