Workshops at The Hive Spring | Hosted by Tracy Wong | Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

Freelancers Business Workshop

If I could turn back time to the start of my career as a photographer, there would be so many things I would change in how I ran my business. Having been a freelance photographer for about a decade, I was excited to share my experiences on the business side of being a creative entrepreneur at the Hive Spring.

Having taught other workshops on photography skills and social media strategies, I moved to a new topic and created a workshop for the freelancer community to share our struggles and strengths. The event was attended by a diverse group of creatives, who specialized from graphic design to illustration, technical writing to film production. We even had a podcaster and wedding gown designer in the group!

Through this event, I aimed to create an environment not only for learning, but also for collaboration. As we all worked as a one-man-band, it felt great to know other creatives whose skills complemented our specialties.

How to be a Freelancer – Hong Kong Workshops by Tracy Wong
Interactive Workshops with active discussions | Hong Kong creative entrepreneurs
Freelancers Workshop discussions | Hong Kong
Workshops at The Hive Spring | Wong Chuk Hang | Hosted by Tracy Wong
Tracy Wong | Creative Entrepreneur and Photographer | Teaching a Workshop

I structured the workshop to be mostly interactive, with lecture elements and discussion topics that adapted to the answers given by the class. The group was great with being active participants. They raised a lot of questions and shared their struggles and helpful ideas in our discussions. In fact, I had learned some new tools to make my business run more efficiently as well!

There were so many aspects of a freelance business to cover, and of course we ran out of time to discuss everything. I’m looking forward to expanding the creative community and holding more workshops and events that address everyone’s burning questions!

Workshops at The Hive Spring | Hosted by Tracy Wong | Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
Interactive workshop with discussions | Creative entrepreneurs
The business behind film makers and freelancers | Hong Kong
Workshop happening at The Hive Spring | Creative business workshops by Tracy Wong

Thank you to the workshop venue partner, the Hive Spring, for the stylish, intimate space to host the class! The Hive Spring is a co-working space in Wong Chuk Hang for creatives like me, complete with high ceilings, large windows, and a magnificent terrace. I have always been a fan of the space since its days as art hub Spring Workshop, and it feels great to do my work and to stay creative in a place like this.

Special thanks also go to Sharon Lee for documenting the workshop with lovely photographs.

Shoot me a message if you’re interested in signing up for future workshops!

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