Hong Kong Home Journal Magazine April 2015, Living History

Photographing Hong Kong’s Heritage Architecture

On an assignment for design and lifestyle magazine Home Journal, I photographed various restored heritage buildings in Hong Kong for the “Living History” report.

I went from the Pawn in Wan Chai, to “tong lau” buildings in Sheung Wan, to the colonial Tai O Heritage Hotel, capturing buildings originally meant for different purposes, all now preserved and providing contrast to towering skyscrapers. As the photographer, I focused on getting exterior building shots, architecture details, and candid photos of people interacting in the space to give context and mood.

Hong Kong Home Journal Magazine April 2015, Living History

Contributing to this article was the perfect excuse for me to explore some sites in Hong Kong I never would have visited! One of my favorites was Comix Home Base in Wan Chai, which seemed to transport me out of the hustle and bustle of the busy streets into another world. During the building’s restoration, the original green facade was transformed into a clean white one with black hardware, and the interiors contained a mix of modern features and the original “tong lau” frame. I’d love to go back and check out the building and comic book exhibits in further detail!

Hong Kong Home Journal Magazine April 2015, Living History


Hong Kong is a city of constant change, and it was truly refreshing to set foot in so many older buildings and imagine life in another time. I’m glad to be part of this article that brought appreciation to these remnants of our history; thank you Kissa and Beverly!

I can’t believe the month of April is almost over… pick up a copy of Home Journal’s April issue to see their new layout design and my photography!

Hong Kong Home Journal Magazine April 2015 issue

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