Wide angle event shot at PMQ Hong Kong

Launch Party Photos for REDDIE Pop-Up

You know it’s a fabulous party when people keep mingling when the venue shuts its lights on you. That was what happened at the launch party for REDDIE, a new furniture brand having a temporary pop-up store at PMQ for the month of October. Though their model is entirely online, it’s great that the pop-up allows Hong Kong shoppers to see the unique and colorful combinations available on the website!

I was commissioned by Caroline Olah, the founder and designer of REDDIE, to provide event photography for the launch party at PMQ. As per my usual style for capturing events, I caught some photos of the space before guests began to arrive, candid snapshots of people mingling, and portraits of the guests. The party was so packed we filled out the space inside and outside the shop, and even spilled out to the space next door!

The star of the show was Caroline’s son Eddie, who is the name sake of her company. He was such a great mascot for the brand at such a young age! See how he posed for the paparazzi at the party in the photos below.

REDDIE furniture at their PMQ Pop-Up
The adorable mascot for REDDIE
Caroline Olah, founder of REDDIE. Portrait photography by Tracy Wong

The event was made successful with the hard work of such a great team! Voltage PR helped with promotion and put together the details for the event, while Caroline mobilized her family and close friends to help serve food and drinks. Her mom was putting together the delicious canapés while her dad and husband served wine and beer to keep the party going.

Custom solid teak furniture to order at REDDIE.co
Hong Kong event photography at PMQ
Candid snapshots, event photography by Tracy Wong
Wine and beer at REDDIE Launch Party
Paparazzi at REDDIE Launch Party
Wide angle event shot at PMQ Hong Kong
Event details – canapé at REDDIE launch party
Candid guest photo at REDDIE launch party

I love the goofiness some guests showed at the REDDIE party! I think that’s a sign of how much fun they’re having!

In general, the trickiest part as an event photographer is being able to catch those fleeting moments when people are laughing and having fun while they’re in a flattering expression. Sometimes my ninja stealthiness gets noticed, which results in either: half the subjects in the photo look into the camera while the other half don’t; or someone hides shyly from my camera. Either way, once I’m noticed, I’d approach the group and facilitate a group portrait with a friendly prompt.

To see the complete set of photos from the launch event, check out the gallery here. If you’re looking for an event photographer in Hong Kong, feel free to get in touch!

Voltage PR talking about REDDIE online platform
Group portrait, party photographer Hong Kong
Fun photos at REDDIE Launch Party
Party DJ Aaron Tsoi at PMQ Hong Kong. Photographer Tracy Wong
Pop-up launch party at PMQ Hong Kong

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