New warehouse for Grana in Wong Chuk Hang

Lifestyle Photography for Grana

My how time flies! I can’t believe my last blog post on a wedding at Hullett House was back in February. The past 8 months have been plenty busy, with some short trips within Asia and a couple epic trips around Europe, and working with some new photography clients to produce their website and social media visual content. One such client is the fashion e-commerce startup Grana.

The company just turned 2 and secured a new round of funding for $10 million USD, and it has been a wonderful journey to see them grow! When I was first commissioned, they were a small team of 10+ people, and now have outgrown their previous office in Wong Chuk Hang and just moved to a sweet new spot nearby.

New warehouse for Grana in Wong Chuk Hang

For Grana I started off photographing some pop-up events in Hong Kong, before they had their own shopfront, the Fitting Room. I was also invited as a sort of ambassador on the Friends of Grana program, and would share images of myself and friends wearing their colorful basics.

In the past months, we have started to work more closely together to create visual content for their blog and social media alongside designer Jessica Tang of It has been such fun photographing lifestyle shots with their minimal aesthetic in mind. To me this is a truly enjoyable way of shooting product photography – to show their fashion in a natural, creative setting that tells a story.

Silk dress by Grana • Lifestyle fashion photography Hong Kong

Sometimes we would do the photoshoot near their office in Wong Chuk Hang…

Grana Lightweight Denim • Lifestyle photo by Tracy Wong

… and sometimes we would find ourselves chilling on a beach!

Grana Swimwear • Lifestyle photoshoot at Stanley Beach Hong Kong

As always with my photography process, the part I enjoy the most is meeting the many amazing people along the way. The in-house team at Grana have been such a professional yet fun group to work with. Not only do they work hard behind-the-scenes, a lot of times they’re the good-looking models in front of the camera as well.

I also got to meet some of their favorite customers through their blog features, like Steph and Dean, the ultimate Grana couple! Steph was invited to the Fitting Room for a styling session, and we got to know more about her sunny personality through the photoshoot. And we went exploring with Dean in his favorite neighborhood while chatting about traveling, food, among other things.

Grana Silk Dresses • Lifestyle Fashion Photographer Tracy Wonggrana-20160620-0007rt-962grana-20160824-dean-0014

In the mere few months of working together on their visual content, it seems that we have created so much already. I’m excited to see where Grana will go this coming year!


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