PRIZM social media agency | Commercial & Office Interiors Photography by Tracy Wong | Hong Kong

Office Interiors & Portraits // Prizm

PRIZM social media agency | Commercial & Office Interiors Photography by Tracy Wong | Hong Kong
Fun office environment at PRIZM | Colors and games | Interior Photographer Hong Kong
PRIZM Co-Founder & Director Jeffrey | Headshot Portrait Hong Kong
PRIZM staff member portraits | Casual headshots
Office Interiors and Commercial Interiors Photography | Hong Kong | Tracy Wong
PRIZM social media agency | Colorful office entrance

I have partnered up with Hong Kong startup Vanna to create visual content of their clients, and bring out the interesting, fun environments these companies offer to their employees.

As an online platform for career advancement, Vanna offers career advice, job listings, and custom company profiles to connect job hunters with employers. Their profiles focus on highlighting each client company’s uniqueness, and depending on the level of subscription by each company, the profiles include photographs and videos that demonstrate the office culture.

For this assignment, we visited a social media agency, Prizm, at their office in Kwun Tong. The expansive floor plan for these office interiors offered a lot of opportunities for great photography. Upon entering, we were immediately greeted with colorful decorations, including notable NBA memorabilia as a reflection of the co-founder’s love for basketball.

We conducted video interviews of 3 different staff members, including Prizm’s co-founder Jeffrey. While my team shot the videos of the interviews, I photographed their headshot portraits and went around the office documenting the beautiful space. When shooting the headshots, we kept things casual and friendly to match Vanna’s mission.

Client: Vanna
Location: Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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