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Leica Studio Portrait Day

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Cellist David Wong Portraits | Tracy Wong for Leica
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A Custom Studio Portrait Experience

I had the unique opportunity to collaborate with camera maker Leica. The reputation of Leica camera equipment is unparalleled, so I was honored to work with them while using the Leica SL2 digital camera. In this collaboration, we offered a studio portrait day for select clients and VIPs. I had put together an on-site photo studio at the Leica Hong Kong office, located above their flagship store in Causeway Bay.

It was a fun-filled day, and also a unique experience to have photographed a diverse set of people. Each client was so passionate about the Leica brand and photography in general. Many of them even brought their own Leica gear! Some brought their children, grandchildren, and even a cello and a cat… What a unique dynamic to shoot!

As a photographer who loves working with people, I enjoyed the challenge of bringing out the natural smiles of my subjects through easy, free flowing conversation. This day, we chatted about travel, family life, music, and even favorite Disney characters! I believe that if people are relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, their family portraits would look natural. I hope that the clients will cherish these captured moments for years to come, allowing them to remember happy memories from looking at the photographs.


Photographing large groups was difficult in a tight space, but I enjoyed overcoming the challenge. But I also brought an extensive set of gear to provide the quality of studio portraits befitting camera enthusiasts. This included full length paper backdrop, powerful Profoto D2 lights, and a large 5’ octabox to generate a soft light.

I want to give special thanks to the amazingly talented art photographer, Jeremy Cheung (known as @rambler15 on Instagram), who introduced me to the team for this project. He graciously came to the shoot to help out with the production. I also need to thank him for providing the beautiful behind-the-scenes photos of the event!

It was my first time shooting extensively with the SL2 camera, and it was a joy to shoot with! A very well-built device, with high quality lenses to pair with. It really didn’t miss a beat with some of the more active moments especially with children, and I hope I’ll get to work with Leica again on future projects.

Client: Leica
Location: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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