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Newborn Family Portraits // Baby Greta

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A Shoot to Remember

It’s always a wild ride when a family welcomes a new member to the family. It was no exception when Svenja and Nils welcomed baby Greta to their lives and I went to photograph their portraits within days of Greta’s birth. To add to the fun, big sister Hannah was an energetic presence. This lovely family made this one of the most memorable newborn family portraits I’ve ever shot!

I especially loved the energy that big sis Hannah brought to the photoshoot! Though she wasn’t all that pleased to share things with a new sister, she proudly showed me around her room. We checked out her stash of books and toys, and she took along her special Kinder egg as a prop. Her smile and laughs were truly contagious.

Natural Light & Natural Expressions

I visited the family’s sunny apartment to shoot this session. It was lucky that we had ample sunlight coming through the big windows in the bedroom. But I also brought along some artificial light to make sure there was no trouble with lighting. Sure enough, the living room was slightly dim and I filled in with a little bit of flash to capture the bubble action.

During the portrait photoshoot, I would direct certain shots to be done for the best light and to orchestrate where each person should be. However, I believe in capturing everyone’s natural expressions, so I would also leave room for everyone to react to each other. Conversational skills and interpersonal skills are actually some of the most important skills I think each portrait photographer needs.

For newborn photoshoots, I generally recommend having them done at home so the family can be completely comfortable. Since the newborn baby is at a stage with a lot of needs and unpredictable schedules, it’s good to stay at home with diapers, milk, and bed all ready to go.

Thank you to Svenja and Nils for having me at their home on this fun morning. It may have felt like chaos with a crying baby and bouncy toddler, but it truly was beautiful chaos!

Location: Olympic, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Category: Families

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